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Range Features:

10 Shooting Lanes at 25 Yards Long            Range Officer on Site at all Times

Private Instruction Available*                        No Membership Required


Open 7 Days a Week. Hearing and Eye Protection Available to Rent.

Climate Controlled HVAC System provides year round indoor shooting comfort.

Range Fees:


Range Time:

30 minutes: $10 (per shooter) 

60 minutes: $20 (per shooter) 

Rental Fees**

Handgun: $15 (per firearm)

Long gun: $20 (per firearm)

Ammunition - Prices vary

In-stock availability varies depending on current market trends.

Call ahead to find out what is currently available at (843) 215-7468

Eye Protection - $2 each (per shooter) 

Ear Protection  - $2 each (per shooter) 

Targets - Starting at $1.00

Wide variety of targets - from long distance, to zombies, and more.

Unsure of what gun to purchase?  Test shoot a rental gun for $15 Handgun,  $20 Long gun each.  Includes range time, 1 rental gun, target, and 10 rounds of ammunition.

*Private Instruction - $45 (per shooter).

In our private instruction, you will learn the proper skills needed for using your handgun safely and accurately.  We will work with you in a relaxed and friendly manner, to build your skill, knowledge, and confidence.  Private Instruction includes firearm, ammunition, Instructor, target, and range time.

** Rental firearms require ammunition to be purchased from 707 Indoor Shooting Range. No Exceptions. 

No membership required


Gift Certificates available

A few rules we must follow:

All shooters must be a minimum of 18 years of age, or accompanied by a responsible parent / legal guardian.  No more than 1 shooter on a lane without prior approval.  If management permits 2 shooters to share a point, only 1 shooter is allowed within the shooting position at a time, all other shooters must stand behind the firing line away from the shooter.  The only exception is an instructor (parent / guardian / spouse actively involved in a lesson).


Check out our Range Rules for a full comprehensive list.


*All prices listed above are subject to change without prior notice.

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